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Vesper WatchMate XB-6000 AIS - Out of stock - Alternative Available - Please enquire


Vesper XB-6000 Class B transponder sends AIS signals, making your vessel always visible to others with AIS equipment. It receives AIS signals from AIS equipped vessels, aids to navigation and portable man overboard devices and is always watching.

Translates NMEA 2000 navigation data and routes it along with AIS and GPS data over USB to computers or NMEA 0183 to MFDs and chart plotters

A built-in 50 channel GPS receiver with a fast 5Hz GPS update rate enables higher resolution and smoother tracking on your plotter or MFD.

The XB-6000 has its own internal GPS antenna and a powerful external GPS antenna is included if it needs to be mounted where there is no clear view of the sky. The GPS is so powerful, it can be used as a GPS source for the entire NMEA 2000 network.