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Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are called gel because they use silica (or sand) to turn the acid inside the battery into a thick liquid. This liquid does make it spill-proof, like our AGM batteries, but the gel is fragile and can be easily burned if used in high amperage situations.
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    Hoppecke VR-M ESS Solar Batteries

    The design principle for HOPPECKE sun | power VR M batteries is based on the use of grid plates and ESS technology. The high energy density of HOPP...

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    from $371.25
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    Hoppecke OPzV Solar Gel Batteries

    HOPPECKE Sun Power Gel Solar Batteries – VR-L Series OPzV (2Vdc) Valve regulated lead-acid batteries for cyclic applications Your benefits Mainten...

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    from $499.50
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    Haze Solar Gel Batteries

    HZY-SL Solar Gel Battery 6vdc and 12 vdc  Performance is greatly enhanced utilizing the latest German manufacturing technology. GEL 6vdc and 12vdc ...

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    from $102.60