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Vesper AIS/VHF/FM Antenna Splitter - Out of stock - Alternative Available - Please enquire


At last an antenna splitter with gain not loss, the Vesper AIS/VHF/FM splitter is the only one that provides signal gain - improving AIS reception and increasing range. This is because the Vesper Marine splitter has a built-in low noise amplifier which is especially important to increase the receive range from the increasing number of low power AIS SART and MOB devices.

In addition to the amplification provided by this splitter, when used with your existing antenna you can optimize the range of your AIS transponder because the antenna is also mounted as high as possible.

Designed to work with all Vesper Marine AIS transponders. In addition, it has a unique on-screen VHF-in-use indicator when used with the WatchMate 850 and WatchMate Vision AIS transponders. 12 or 24V designed to work with either 12 or 24Volt supply. Waterproof IPx7 rated. High quality rugged construction made specifically for marine use.