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Raymarine HD Colour Digital Open Array Radar


Next generation, SeaTalk network-compatible open array digital radar systems take radar technology to a whole new level with HD Digital technology. HD Digital brings the power of digital signal processing to radar with a truly adaptive transmitter and receiver that automatically adjusts to changing environmental and sea conditions for hands-off ease of use. HD Digital radar delivers a dramatically clearer radar picture with crisp, well-defined contact echoes and life-like target presentation. Its wide receiver bandwidth and high-speed digital processing detect weak and distant contacts that are invisible to traditional analogue radar systems, while virtually eliminating clutter, noise and false echoes. For use with C-Series Widescreen, E-Series and G-Series Multifunction Displays. To build your Open Array Antenna you must order a pedestal, one scanner, and one pedestal cable.

  • Maximum Range: 72nm
  • Transmit Power: 4kW
  • Horizontal Beam width: RA1048D 1.75°; RA1072D 1.15°
  • Draw: 46W (Standby 9.2W)