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Raymarine EV-300 Autopilot Systems


The culmination of Raymarine’s autopilot expertise and advanced aerospace guidance technology, Evolution Ai™ control algorithms deliver a new level of accurate autopilot control. At the centre of every Evolution system is the intelligent EV sensor core, a 9-axis sensor that monitors vessel motion in all three dimensions. The innovative EV sensor core combines advanced solid-state sensors with the Evolution autopilot processor into a single easy-to-install housing.

The EV300 system is for use with electric solenoids that control the vessels hydraulic steering system. The EV-300 consists of an EV-1 Sensor, ACU-300 Autopilot Control Unit, Control Head, Rudder reference sensor and an Evolution autopilot cabling kit

Key Features:

  • Automagic™ - No lengthy calibration procedures to perform. No compass calibration required. Plug and play connections
  • Easy to install - Freedom from the restrictions of conventional heading sensors. EV sensor core can be installed above or below deck. Install upside-down or off the vessel's centre line.
  • Aerospace technology - 9-axis precision monitoring of pitch, roll, yaw and heading
  • Fuel efficient - Evolution autopilots steer so accurately they will save fuel and get you to your destination faster