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Raymarine Autopilot Control Unit


No fuss, easy to install and robust - the Evolution autopilot combines Raymarine's autopilot expertise, FLIR Systems' R&D, and advanced aerospace guidance technology to create Evolution Ai control algorithms that deliver a new level of accurate autopilot control.

Evolution pilots have easily selectable performance modes

  • Race Performance: When only the best will do. Razor-sharp course keeping. Fine-tuned for racers!
  • Cruising Performance: Superb course keeping and crisp turns in all conditions - the Raymarine skippers choice
  • Leisure Performance: For relaxed boating, when soaking up the sun is more attractive than precise course keeping

The rugged ACU (Actuator Control Unit) delivers reliable power to the autopilot drive. Choose the ACU that fits your steering type:

ACU-100: Wheel, tiller and type 0.5 hydraulic drives

ACU-150: Type 1 hydraulic drive only

ACU-200: Type 1 Raymarine hydraulic, linear and rotary mechanical drives

ACU-300: For solenoid controlled steering systems and Raymarine constant running hydraulic pumps

ACU-400: Type 2 and 3 Raymarine hydraulic, linear, and rotary mechanical drives