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QuietTorque™ 30.0 LC Sail Drive - 48Volt


The QuietTorqueTM 30.0LC SD is recommended for boats up to 45’ (LOA) and 28,000lbs displacement. Liquid cooling provides for high sustained output, ideal for hybrid applications. Replace diesel engines up to 60hp. Typical battery size is 400 – 600Ah.


  • Motor type 2 PMAC Brushless
  • Voltage 48Vdc (nom)
  • Max. Input Power 30 kW
  • Cont. Input Power 25 kW
  • Weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Frame Anodized Aluminum

*Permanent magnet Alternating Current

Standard Features

  • Motor Mounts: Fits same 9” diameter mounting as diesel saildrives
  • Throttle:  Anodized Al waterproof throttle with key & neutral lock
  • System Monitor: Programmable digital display
    • State of Charge (SOC)
    • Voltage, Current, Power and RPM
    • Time to Discharge (TTD)
    • Programmable regeneration and max power
    • Programmable RH or LH propeller rotation
    • Programmable for flooded, AGM and LiFePO4 battery type and size
  • Power Switch: Two position 500A GigaVac switch
  • Relays: 500amp TE Connectivity vacuum relays
  • Fuse: Class-T fuse & holder