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Outback OBB-GFDI-80-150VDC-PNL PV Ground Fault Detector Single Pole


Outback OBB-GFDI-80D-150VDC-PNL Front panel mount GFI with stud terminals on the back. One 0.5 amp breaker ganged with two 80 amp breakers with common trip. 1/4" stud ring terminals required. Width: 2.265" (57.3mm) - uses three of the standard .75" breaker slots in enclosure. Ground fault protection is required by the NEC for PV arrays mounted on or within a specified vicinity of residential dwelling roofs as a safety precaution. The OutBack PV Ground Fault Protection System protects wiring and system components for one or two PV arrays when used in a FLEXware 250, FLEXware 500 or FLEXware 1000.

Outback GFDI Datasheet