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Morningstar EcoBoost MPPT Charge Controllers w/TrakStar Technology

The EcoBoost MPPT solar charge controller brings Morningstar’s proprietary TrakStar Technology to our new line of Essentials controllers and accessories. The EcoBoost controllers automatically detect 12 or 24 V system configuration. They are highly efficient and accurate controllers designed to ensure that batteries attain a complete state of charge. They are also sophisticated load controllers. Using this feature to manage DC power consumption protects the batteries from over-discharge and helps ensure long-term system reliability. Small DC loads can be powered directly from the EcoBoost by way of two USB charging ports.

Morningstar EcoBoost controllers act as the central brain of PV-powered DC electrical systems up to 1,120 watts and offer outstanding value, performance, and dependability. 

  • Rugged, Maintenance-free Design
    Conformally coated circuit board and corrosion-resistant terminals.
  • Maximizes Energy Harvest
    Using TrakStar MPPT technology to determine and adjust to the true maximum power point as solar insolation changes throughout the day.
  • High Efficiency
    At low, medium, and high power levels.
  • Optional Meter
    Provides access to system operational information including current and historical performance data. All EcoBoost “M” controllers include the meter.
  • USB Charging
    Two USB ports with 3 amps of shared charging capacity to charge today’s modern mobile devices.
  • Self Diagnostics
    Continuous monitoring and reporting of any errors through its status LED’s, or its optional display.
  • Lighting Controller
    Uses PV array to switch at dusk and dawn.
  • Load Controller
    Connect DC loads directly to the controller. Programmable load disconnect to protect batteries.
  • PV Array Flexibility
    Enables 2 modules in series to charge a 12V or 24V battery system.

Morningstar EcoBoost MPPT Charge Controllers Datasheet