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Hoppecke OPzS Flooded Solar Batteries - Contact for Availability & Prices Please


Hoppecke Flooded Solar Batteries - V-L Series OPzS 2Vdc


The OPzS solar power single cell battery are vented stationary batteries with liquid electrolyte (diluted sulphuric acid). Due to the tubular plates technology OPzS solar. power batteries offer an extremely high cycling expectancy. The excellent cycling behaviour of HOPPECKE OPzS solar. power tubular plate batteries is based on the protection of positive mass by using gauntlets. HOPPECKE OPzS solar. power batteries are optimal for application in sectors with high charge and discharge operation load like solar or off-grid applications, in particular during PSoC1 operations. The design as DIN-product in accordance with DIN 40736 part 1 gives the highest compatibility by changing existing battery systems or integration in case of enlargement of already existing batteries. It is recommended to use HOPPECKE OPzS solar. power single cell batteries with HOPPECKE AquaGen® recombination system to reduce the number of water refill procedures to a minimum and following this even to reduce the maintenance costs. HOPPECKE single cells of the OPzS solar. power type series have a cycling expectancy of up to 1500 cycles with 80% depth of discharge. 1 Partial State of Charge