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Haze Solar Gel Batteries


HZY-SL Solar Gel Battery 6vdc and 12 vdc

 Performance is greatly enhanced utilizing the latest German manufacturing technology. GEL 6vdc and 12vdc technology for small to medium-sized solar applications. Excellent performance over long discharges. Ultra stable polymer separator with glass mat.  Full recovery from deep discharge, even when the battery is not recharged immediately. Zero stratification, no equalization charge necessary. >99% gas recombination. Spill-proof, leak-proof. Multi-position usage. Low self-discharge. FAA approved as non-haz. The photovoltaic power supply of:

  • Electric Outboards
  • Winches
  • Inverters
  • Power plants of remote villages
  • Signal Installations of the air, sea, road, and railway transport
  • Radio relay stations of telecommunication services
  • Cellular roadside and rooftop transmission/repeater stations
  • Street & garden lighting
  • Hybrid power supplies

Batteries have terminal options to meet the multitude of connection requirements. Haze SOLAR are all SLA – VRLA Industrial Monobloc units, eliminating the need for maintenance and the possibility of acid spills

Haze Solar Gel SL6-445 Batteries Datasheet