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GT Power 7000W Digital Inverter Generator -Electric Start


The GT7005EFI is the first model in the GT Power range to feature revolutionary new EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) technology. The fuel injection into the engine is precisely controlled by a computer module, giving huge advantageous over traditional mechanical carburetor technology. With 7000W maximum output this model is perfect for home back-up, construction site or emergencies where perfect power is essential.


• 7000W (max.) power output, 6500W (cont.) power output
•  Powerful 4 stroke OHV Powerdyne engine
•  1 x 15A 230V Outlet & 1 x 32A for household backup.
•  For use with battery chargers, drills, grinders, saws, lighting and more.
•  Great portability with lifting arm included!
•  Smart throttle with electric start for fuel saving and reliability
•  Safe to run sensitive electronics such as computer 
•  Produces enough output to keep your main household appliances up and
   running for up to 10hrs in the event of a power outage
•  One touch easy starting
•  Optional ATS7 Startmaster Auto Transfer Switch

GT Power 7000W Generator Datasheet