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GoodWe String Inverters Dual MPPT Three Phase - 5kW-29.99kW


GoodWe DT Series is a three-phase On-Grid Inverter that adopts cutting-edge technology in photovoltaic fields. The GoodWe series offers higher conversion efficiency and lower energy loses making it one of the premium three-phase inverters in the market.

The GoodWe DT Dual MPPT Series Inverter has a wide range of features which includes IP65 dustproof and waterproof technology. The GoodWe DT Series Inverter offers multiple monitoring and communication systems with European Efficiency of up to 98.1%. The GoodWe DT Series on Grid Inverters have a fan-less low-noise design, 20% Volume optimization, and a 45℃ full- load output.

The GoodWe DT Series Three Phase On-Grid Inverter has a maximum AC power category range from 15KW to 25KW which are ideal for residential and commercial 3 phase application. AC output range of the GoodWe DT Series Inverter is 45- 55Hz/ 55- 65Hz; 310- 528Vac with a three-phase grid connection system and a power factor of 0.8 leading- 0.8 lagging. The Maximum efficiency of the GoodWe DT Series on-grid inverter is 98.5% with an MPPT adaptation efficiency of 99.9%. GoodWe DT Series Inverter with Integrated protection on its residual current monitoring unit, DC switch, insulation monitoring, and AC over current protection. The Ambient temperature range of the GoodWe DT on-grid inverter is within -25 to 60℃ and relative humidity within 0- 95%.

GoodWe on Grid Inverter is an environmentally friendly, renewable energy solution that has a product warranty on its product ranging from 5- 25 years.

GoodWe String Inverters -Three Phase DataSheet