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D400 Wind Generator- 12V/24V/48V


The D400 is extremely efficient by design, making it the most powerful and productive wind generator of its rotor size currently available. The D400 has been developed specifically to operate in close proximity to people. The noise and vibration usually associated with small wind turbines have been designed out of the D400. This has been achieved by making the turbine run relatively slowly for a given electrical output. In a given wind speed and a given electrical output, the D400 rotates at less than one quarter the speed of some competitor units. Combined with its rugged engineering and advanced computer-designed air blades, this makes the D400 the most reliable and benign turbine of its class currently available. The air blades are precision injection-molded from glass-reinforced nylon and as well as featuring taper and twist incorporates a special low-Reynolds airfoil section which varies continually in camber from tip to root. Because of the production method used, the blades are extremely consistent in terms of mass and can be replaced singly should damage occur without losing turbine balance. The alternator and yaw shafts are precision-ground from 316-grade stainless steel, and the D400’s body is a robust aluminum alloy casting. The bearings are high quality and generously sized, and are protected by twin-lipped radial shaft seals. The tail is formed from an aluminum sheet into a shallow ‘S’ section in order to impart stiffness and prevent resonance. All aluminum parts are etched, alachromed, and finished in a tough polyester powder coat. The D400 utilizes a 12-pole, 3-phase axial field alternator of very high efficiency. It comprises two large annular magnet rotors with stator coils positioned in between. The stator coils themselves are wound from heavy-gauge copper and are encapsulated in a heat-conductive resin. This in turn is bolted to a machined shelf within the aluminum housing, so ensuring excellent heat dissipation from the machine. Unlike typical wind generator alternators, Eclectics Design is ironless which means that the alternator rotates completely freely without the cogging associated with conventional radial configurations. This means that when operating D400 is virtually vibration-free and no mechanical noise is transmitted to the yacht's cabin. A combination of the advanced air blade and alternator design delivers unparalleled efficiency in low wind speeds together with the ability to produce sustained high outputs in high winds.


D400 Wind Generator Datasheet