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DuoGen Short – Water and Wind Generator


DuoGen is designed and precision manufactured in the UK to provide the most practical and user-friendly system currently available for renewable energy electricity generation on cruising yachts.

DuoGen is a combined water and wind generator that can be easily reconfigured to harness the kinetic energy in either a water stream or a wind stream in order to produce electricity. DuoGen has been specifically designed for use aboard cruising yachts where the wind mode is operated in harbor or at anchor, and the water mode is deployed when the yacht is underway or at anchor in flowing water.

The benefit of this dual-mode system is that the owner has greater potential for energy conversion than is possible with a single-source system. This is because the air stream intercepted by a yacht’s sails when it is underway is many times the area intercepted by a typical wind turbine. In a given wind speed, therefore, the amount of battery charging power produced is usually far greater when a yacht is under sail and a water generator is deployed.

DuoGen brings the benefits of dual-mode operation to the yacht owner in a truly practical form. The change from water to wind mode is accomplished in seconds without the use of tools and without having to de-mount or reposition major system elements or electrical connections.

When using your DuoGen, always exercise due care and operate the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations contained in this manual. DuoGen should then deliver years of trouble-free service.