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3.0kW Solar Kits - Single Phase (APS QS1)


Each kit includes the following components: • Suntech modules (275W / 300W/370W) at discounted rate • APS QS1 1,200VA micro-inverters including additional supplementary APS components ( trunk cable, end cap, and ECU-R • Clenergy array structure flat to roof - iron roof configuration other mounting configurations available upon request AS/NZ1170.2-2011 Amdt 3-2012 Approved BLACK RACKING FOR MONO MODULES • Micro-sine label kit • Wiring schematics available for all the kit sets. • Array earth cable and cable penetrations hardware is not included. • AC wiring components are not included (AC isolator, cable, conduit, MCB) • APS micro-inverter 3 phase system sizes available upon request.

  • 12 x Suntech 275W (3.30kW) solar PV modules in one rows of twelve, roof space required 20m²
  • 12 x Suntech 300W (3.60kW) solar PV modules in one row of twelve, roof space required 20m² 
  • 8 x Suntech 370W (2.96kW) solar PV modules in one row of eight, roof space required 14.80m²